Topics and schedule for this semester’s GMs

Our research lies primarily in the field of supramolecular chemistry, specifically, in self-assembly. We are, however, working with supramolecular G-quadruplexes (SGQs) and have also a strong interest in oligomeric G-quadruplexes (OGQs; e.g., DNA, RNA). The former requires us to stay up do date in areas such as synthesis, organic mechanisms, self-assembly studies, and host-guest chemistry, among others. The latter requires us to keep up to date with many aspects of OGQs: structure/dynamics studies; relevance in cells and whole organisms (biological relevance in genomes, RNA structures, regulatory elements); as pharmacological targets (anticancer agents); applications in various areas such as sensors (aptamers); materials/nanotech (G-wires), etc. This makes keeping a balanced assortment of topics/articles a bit of a challenge. Thus, in this preliminary GM schedule you’ll find the dates and corresponding articles up until mid April. Each title has some tags (key words) next to it to help keep track of the subjects being covered during the semester. The missing articles (“TBA”) will be added later at which point I’ll update the schedule.

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